The European Commission’s proposal will ask member states to unanimously support such a register, based on article 352 of the EU treaty. If they agree, the register could become mandatory


14 Jan 2020 Commission Vice-President for Values and Transparency Vera Jourova is working for the creation of a mandatory lobby register for all EU 

Hundreds of companies, consultancies and law firms involved in EU lobbying remain unregistered. The European Parliament has spoken out on several occasions that it wants a mandatory register. The Commission however favours a voluntary register. Dodgy data and missing lobby organisations still characterise the EU’s voluntary lobby transparency register. Corporate Europe Observatory has now submitted a series of complaints on specific entries, and urges decision-makers to get tough on those who break the rules. 2020-12-09 Lobby register data dating back to 2012 is also available Integritywatch is run by Transparency International’s EU office and it takes data from MEPs' declarations of interest, from the official EU lobby register, and from the published lists of lobby meetings held by commissioners, cabinet members, and directors-general 2021-03-26 This chart shows the distribution of different types of organisation on the EU lobby register: the total number of organisations per category (light blue); the number of organisations per category with an office in Belgium, holding at least one European Parliament access pass, and having had one or more meetings with top EU Commission officals since December 2014 (dark blue).

Eu lobbying register

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Thousands of lobbyists boycott the voluntary EU lobby register including virtually all law firms that lobby on behalf of industry clients. Lobbying at the EU: Actors and strategies. EU governance is unique. For this reason, interest groups active in Brussels develop, as brilliantly formulated by scholars such as Chalmers, Bouwen and Kluwer, tailored strategies in relation to the specific EU Institutions they aim to target. (STRASBOURG) - Negotiations between MEPs, the Commission and Council on a mandatory Transparency Register for EU lobbyists were given the go-ahead by European Parliament political groups Thursday. The aim of the proposed inter-institutional agreement is to to enhance the transparency of the work of interest representatives at the European Parliament, Commission and EU Council, with a view … Working Paper Series .

People involved in EU lobbying: 91,251. The 9,860 organisations currently registered on the voluntary EU lobby register declare a total of 91,251 people involved in their lobbying activities towards the EU institutions.

Madrid/Brussels, 27 January 2015 – New research, published today, shows that the EU lobby register is failing to provide full transparency on lobbying as many financial lobbyists, major corporations, law firms and lobby consultancies that are actively working to influence EU law, are still not registered.

For their part, NGO watchdogs, in particular under the umbrella of the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER‐EU), have not only persistently advocated for stronger lobby regulation, but have also issued reports identifying lobbying actors that had failed to register by name (see e.g. Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation [ALTER‐EU] 2013, 2015).

Eu lobbying register

Transparency register. The transparency register is a database that lists organisations that try to influence the law-making and policy implementation process of the EU institutions. The register makes visible what interests are being pursued, by whom and with what budgets.

Eu lobbying register

Furthermore, since the launch in June 2008 of the Register for Interest Representatives (lobbyists) as part of the European Transparency Initiative, organisations  EU:s öppenhetsregister är i dag frivilligt för lobbyister att anmäla sig till. sker lobbying gentemot regeringsrepresentanter för att försöka påverka EU:s politik.

The register makes visible what interests are being pursued, by whom and with what budgets. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The aim of the transparency register is to ensure that those seeking to interact with EU institutions get to declare their interest publicly and provide information about themselves. Registration is voluntary, but may be necessary for certain types of access. Parliament is holding talks with the European Commission and the Council to update the EU's transparency register, so that it is easier to find out who is lobbying the EU. Negotiations between the three institutions began in April 2018 with the aim of setting up a mandatory register that covers all three of them. The provisional agreement — which must still be approved by the respective institutions and notably includes the Council for the first time — sets out to make it compulsory for lobbyists to be registered in the EU’s Transparency Register in order to carry out certain activities like meeting with top officials.
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A register was introduced in the US in 1946 with the Lobbying Act. Lobbying in the European Union, also referred to officially as European interest representation, is the activity of representatives of diverse interest groups or lobbies who attempt to influence the executive and legislative authorities of the European Union through public relations or public affairs work. Volvo lägger årligen 4 miljoner kronor på EU-lobbying. Svenskt näringsliv 4,5. Vattenfall 2,5 miljoner - uppger de själva.
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2021-04-22 · EU-parlamentet har beslutat att tillsammans med EU-kommissionen upprätta ett gemensamt register över lobbyister, skriver de svenska fackens Brysselkontor. Samtidigt skärptes kraven att ledamöterna ska redovisa sina kontakter med lobbyister. Av redovisningen ska det framgå hur mycket EU-medel

Organizations representing a large cross-section of lobbyists called for strong reform of the EU's lobby register.The joint letter, initiated by Transparency International EU, calls for mandatory rules for all lobbyists and demands greater transparency around who EU officials and politicians meet with. The Lobbying of the EU • 7 lobbying the EU Trade Department have a direct effect on the passage of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which is a proposed free trade agreement between the EU and the United States, and these groups are absent from the Register.

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Samtidigt skärptes kraven att ledamöterna ska redovisa sina kontakter med lobbyister. Av redovisningen ska det framgå hur mycket EU-medel The register continues to have a large number of shortcomings, due to its voluntary nature.